On the Apply page, you’ll build your application — and submit it! 

If you’ve favorited programs (but not yet added them to your application), you’ll find them listed on the left. You can choose to add them to your application by clicking the “+”. 

On mobile devices, you can toggle between your favorite programs and your application.  

Your application 

View “Your Application” to see the programs you’ve added to your application. You can also search for and add any program directly to your application on this tab. 

It’s important to list programs in your true order of preference. Order matters! You can add up to 12 programs on your application. 

Drag and drop programs to reorder them. Click on programs in the list to view details to help you make final decisions about how to order your list. 

Once you’ve completed your list, you can submit it by clicking the button at the bottom of your application. 

Sibling priority  

If you are applying to a program where your child has a sibling, be sure to add your other child to your account from your dashboard before submitting your application.