Get started 

Since your child was born in 2019, they will start 3-K in September 2022. This application is the first step in the process. 


You can find information about programs by clicking on them in the list. 

To search for a specific program, type the name of the program into the search box. Formatting matters, so try to use the exact name of the program. For example, if you are looking for Public school 1, type “P.S. 1” into the search box. 

Also, when you click on a program, you will also see where it is on the map. Some programs have similar names so double check its location on the map to ensure you are looking at the correct program. 

Children apply to programs at providers; some providers may have more than one program. Each card also lists all of the programs at that location. You can apply to multiple programs at a single location, if you are interested in more than one. 


When you find a program you like, click the star to add it to your "favorite" list as a way to remember programs you're interested in — you're not applying to program yet.

Admissions Priorities 

Offers are made based on the admissions priorities of the program. The admissions type is listed under the programs admissions method. 

Zoned programs give the highest priority to applicants who live in the designated group of address call a zone.  

Non-zoned programs prioritize applicants with older siblings attending the school and applicants that live in the same district as the program. 

NYC Early Education Centers (NYCEECs) give the highest priority to current students.