Please discuss your child’s Round 1 or Round 2 offer with their school counselor before submitting an Appeal Form. Completed Appeal Forms and documentation (when required) are due to school counselors by Friday, May 24, 2019. Appeal results will be available from your child’s school counselor in June. Appeal results are final. Please also note:

  • You may only submit one Appeal Form.
  • The student must have a Round 1 or Round 2 offer.
  • All sections of the Appeal Form must be completed.
  • Appeals for hardships will be reviewed and every consideration will be extended.  See the valid reasons listed below.

Invalid reasons for an Appeal:

  • Requesting to go back to a Round 1 offer after receiving a Round 2 offer.
  • Requesting to be placed in Specialized High School.

Valid reasons an Appeal may be granted:

1. Travel Hardship for Student: Home address or the location of the high school offer has changed since the offer was made and the commute from home to school is 75 minutes or more or otherwise inaccessible by public transportation (i.e. more than three transfers).  Staff at your child’s current school must have your child’s correct home address in NYCDOE systems.  Use the MTA’s website at www.mta.info to determine the travel time.

2. Special Education Requirement: Your child is determined to be eligible for an ASD Nest, ASD Horizon, or Academic, Career, and Essential Skills (ACES) program; or your child’s IEP mandates for Bilingual Special Education (BSE); or your child is recommended to receive special education supports and services in a District 75 specialized program.

3. ELL Requirement: Your child is an English Language Learner (ELL) and/or has recently arrived in New York City, your child may be eligible for placement in a school with an ELL program or a school for new arrivals with available seats. Also, an appeal may be granted if your child is interested in attending one of the two new Dual Language (DL) programs opening in September 2019 in the table below. DL programs integrate ELLs with English proficient students to receive content instruction in English and a target language.

4. Accessible Site Requirement: An appeal may be granted if you or your child has a documented physical impairment that would require an accessible school, and your child’s high school placement is not in an accessible building.

5. Medical Issues (Documentation Required): Child has a documented medical condition that requires a change of their high school placement. Please provide all appropriate medical documentation. Examples of acceptable documents are a doctor’s note or letter from a treatment facility.

6. Safety Issues (Speak to your counselor regarding the Documentation Required): Child cannot attend the high school offer due to an incident regarding personal safety.  Students may appeal a placement offer for reasons related to their gender identity, including transgender students and students who are transitioning, without providing documentation.  Review the NYCDOE’s guidelines, available here: https://www.schools.nyc.gov/school-life/policies-for-all/transgender-and-gender-nonconforming-student-guidelines.   

7. Data Entry Error (Documentation Required): An appeal may be granted if data was incorrectly transcribed from the high school application to the enrollment system.  A signed and dated application is required documentation.

8. Student in Temporary Housing / Foster Care: Students who are in a temporary housing situation and students in foster care where a change in home address has occurred since the time of application or receipt of the offer, or a change in address is pending or anticipated or because they are experiencing a hardship as a result of their current offer.

9. Zoned School: An appeal may be granted if your child received an offer but would now like to attend their zoned school for September.

10. Remain In Current School (8th grade students only): An appeal may be granted if your 8th grade student received an offer but would now like to remain in their current school for September.  Ninth grade students can choose “I will remain in my current school” on their signed results letter they turn in.