Programs you’ve saved that require an assessment for admission (for example, an audition, test, interview, etc.) are listed on the Schedule page.

While you can submit your application before you’ve done a program’s assessment, you must at least schedule it or express your interest before you can add the program to your application. You’ll do that here.

Saved programs to schedule

If you have yet to schedule a program’s assessment or express your interest, you can do so by clicking or tapping the button on the program card, and following the steps to complete the request.

The school may contact you to schedule (or reschedule if necessary) a time for your assessment.

Scheduled assessments

Check your Scheduled list to review any programs you've scheduled assessments for, or expressed interest in.

You can return to the Schedule page at any time to find dates, time, and locations for assessments you scheduled online. If you express interest and the school then contacts you to schedule, be sure to keep track of that appointment yourself!

Remember, just because a program you’ve saved is shown on this page does not mean you have to schedule an assessment for it — only if you definitely want to apply to it!