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Use the menu bar to move through the application at your own pace. Just be sure to submit your application before the deadline!

Return to Overview at any time to view your checklist and track your progress. Later steps are also available, but focus on Search for now!

Schools and Programs

You can find information about schools by clicking on them in the list. All the schools your child is eligible to apply to are listed on your application.

Students apply to programs at schools; some schools may have more than one program. Each school card also lists programs at that school.

Think of a program as a doorway to get into the school. Tap or click on programs to learn about them.

Some schools have multiple programs that may each focus on certain interests or areas of study, while other schools have one program that reflects the whole school's offerings. You can apply to multiple programs at a school, if you're interested in more than one.

How to Decide

There are a lot of programs, and a lot of information about each. For most families, a few factors are most important:

Many families consider the daily commute and the school's location to be important factors. Use the map to see a school's location and the distance from your child's home.

Use the filters below the search bar to see only schools that meet certain criteria. Find information on criteria like academic performance, sports, and activities by selecting a school or program.


When you find a program you like, click the star to add it to your "favorite" list as a way to remember programs you're interested in — you're not applying to program yet.

Priority Groups

Schools also prioritize applicants into groups, and make offers in priority order. For example, a school might prioritize students who live in the school’s zone before other applicants.