Specialized High School Admissions Test

All grade 8 and first-time grade 9 students who are New York City residents and who wish to attend a Specialized High Schools, with the exception of LaGuardia High School, must take the SHSAT. SHSAT testing is open to public district and charter school students, private and parochial school students, students with disabilities, students with limited mobility, and English Language Learners (ELLs). Approximately 29,000 students take the SHSAT each year and approximately 5,000 students receive an offer.

How to Register for the SHSAT

Go to the Dashboard page and click on begin registration for the Specialized High Schools.

Follow the steps to register for the SHSAT, and indicate your school preference and whether you cannot test on a Saturday or Sunday.

Get Your Test Ticket

Test tickets will be available approximately two weeks after the registration deadline. Test tickets indicate the testing date, time, location, and testing accommodations (if applicable).

Parents and guardians can print their test tickets from MySchools, or they can get the printed ticket from their school counselor. Students must test on the date and at the location on their ticket. Please report conflicts to your child’s school counselor as soon as possible. Students must bring their printed test ticket on the day of the test.